What Is the Best Way to Learn English Vocabulary for Thai Students?

Learning English vocabulary for Thai students always requires dedication and time, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not an efficient way of doing it! If you ask us at Insight English, in all of our years of experience, the best way for Thai students to learn English is through targeted immersion with live instruction.

Live instruction is simply the most effective learning method. Learning from a native-speaking, qualified educator ensures that you adopt accurate vocabulary and know how to use it accordingly in conversation. When you consider live instruction in contrast to traditional learning strategies like memorization, it become pretty obvious which method is better suited to learning. There’s just no substitution for interactive experience. After all, once you’ve mastered English vocabulary, you want to feel confident in using it in real life situations!

If you’re considering working on your English vocabulary, whether for the first time or as a turning learner, Insight English can help. Read on to learn more about the best way to learn English vocabulary as a Thai student.

In this article, we discuss:

  • – Why you should learn English vocabular
  • – What are the benefits of knowing English vocabular
  • – Why live instruction is the best method
  • – What makes Insight English the best school
  • – And more!

Why should I learn English vocabulary?

Vocabulary is the foundation of any language. Naturally, in English, your vocabulary is essential
to communication, whether it be through reading, writing, speaking, or listening. Interacting with
and learning new words is difficult, but it ultimately helps you to understand the world around you and the people in it!

There are a whopping 200,000 words currently in use in the English language. Imagine the texture and richness of the English conversations you could have if you learned only a few hundred of those words! Working on your vocabulary can make it happen. You will become a better English communicator, we promise.

What are the benefits of knowing English vocabulary?

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding to expand their English vocabulary. Truthfully, there is no shortage of benefits to learning English vocabulary, but we’ll mention just a few perks here to remind you what learning is all about.

1) Make international friends

If you’ve ever wanted a pen pal from another country, learning English is a great opportunity for it! You’ll make a new pal across the world and work on your English at the same time. As you continue through your life, knowing English vastly widens your social network horizon. There are millions of people that you can communicate effectively with and even become friends with. Before you know it, you’ll have English-speaking buddies all over the world!.

2) Feel confident travelling to English-speaking countries

One of the most stressful parts of travelling to a new country is knowing that you don’t speak the native language. It’s important to know how to ask for the essentials, like directions, food, and transportation, otherwise you might find yourself in a pickle. If not knowing enough English is holding you back from your dream travelling experience, it’s time to improve your vocabulary. With a course or two under your belt, you will be well equipped to navigate your way across the world stress-free. You don’t have to master the language before jetting off, but having a grasp of the basic foundational words and how to use them can make all the difference.

As a bonus, knowing the language better than most other travelers may even help you see aside of the country that most visitors never do. Being able to communicate effectively with native speakers can open a world-or should I say country-of opportunities.

3) Progress in your career

As companies grow and begin to build an international reputation, they require employees with an understanding of the English language to build and maintain relationships abroad. These positions typically pay very well, making them very attractive to those with the right skillset .Perhaps your supervisor has asked that you level up your English skills in order to be eligible for a promotion. If that’s the case, your employer may even cover your tuition fees! Alternatively, you may just want to take the initiative to improve your English so you can negotiate a raise or promotion at your job. Whatever your reason, improving your English vocabulary is sure to help you progress in your career. It’s a competitive and desirable skill to have.

4) Open up your virtual world

English is the language of the internet and there is a lot of great content out there just waiting for you to discover it. As you advance your English vocabulary, you can gain access to new corners of the internet. There’s great content to be found, whether it’s movies, news articles, musical artists, or otherwise. You can also interact with other English language speakers in real-time to gain experience communicating, whether that be through writing or video chat! Think about it: there’s a whole niche of the Internet that you’ve never explored (and that can be a lot of fun, in our opinion!).

Why is live instruction the best way to learn English vocabulary?

Research shows that students need in-depth exposure to words to not only understand them but also apply them properly. This probably confirms your suspicion that copying definitions from an English dictionary just isn’t effective. The difference? Active learning strategies.

Active learning involves collaboration and participation in practical contexts. Activities and discussions are the teaching methods of choice, instead of memorization and regurgitation. This helps students to become totally engaged with the content, which ultimately supports their learning. Of course, active learning is most successful when guided by a knowledgeable tutor.

At Insight English, every course we offer is designed with active learning in mind. We believe in the power of group discussions and problem solving, interactive activities, and practical experience. These tactics enable students to connect and apply what they’re learning to the real world, so that once they test their skills in the real world, they’re successful.

What makes Insight English the best way to learn English vocabulary for Thai students?

Insight English is dedicated to helping Thai students become proficient in the English language and speak it with confidence. We offer a variety of courses, all based in active learning, that appeal to every age and level of English. However, if your focus is vocabulary, one of our English for Specific Purposes courses may suit your needs best.

English for Specific Purposes courses are discipline and industry specific courses that equip you with focused, targeted knowledge. You will learn the precise vocabulary you need without any irrelevant content getting in your way. Here are just a few of the specific courses we offer:-

–  Call Centers / Telephone English

–  English for Medicine

–  English for Hotel Staff

–  English for Flight Attendants

–  Accounting English-and many more

You should also know that if you have a specific request r a discipline/industry specific course, you can just ask for it! We may have an expert in that area on-staff who can help.

The best part of learning with us is that our instructors are experts in both Thai and English. As such, they know all the tips and tricks to help you apply your understanding of Thai to help you learn English. This nuance is small, but highly valuable for our learners.

If you’re curious about how Insight English can make all the difference in your journey to learning English, we invite you to peruse our fleet of courses. We promise to deliver an active learning experience that relies on live instruction, collaboration, and practical examples to develop your English vocabulary. Want to explore more courses? Check out our course catalog.

With three branches in Silom, LadPrao, and Hua Hin, we’re available whether you may be in Thailand. That said, we also offer online classes for those who prefer to learn from home. We also offer free trials with our classes so you can experience what active learning is all about! Visit our homepage to take advantage of this exclusive offer.