When you are studying IELTS, It is sometimes quite difficult searching the internet for IELTS tests and other materials to help you improve your English

What kind of information can I expect from Insight in its blog section?

As an example we have given you some IELTS examples with answers to frequently asked questions about IELTS. However, we will also be doing this for all our English courses at Insight, so you’ll be able to easily browse through each section and find material on the internet that will help you improve your English language skills.

Some the subject areas we aim to cover include:

  • IELTS Learning
  • Learning English
  • Learning Business English
  • TOIEC Course Materials
  • Speaking about football in English
  • Material to help foreigners study Thai language

For now, take advantage of some of the tips for links we have provided below on those studying IELTS and for those that plan to study IELTS.

How can I easily locate IELTS material online?

At Insight we have decided to take some of the strain off your internet searches and give you some direct links to some of the best IELTS training material you can find. This is just the start of many informative articles we will provide you with in order to give you more information on how to find the right IELTS study material.

IELTS Reading Mobile Applications

IELTS Listening Mobile Applications

IELTS Writing Mobile Application

How do I find out how IELTS scores my listening and reading test?

This probably one of the most asked questions our teachers get. Here is a great link that will give you exactly what you need to find out more about how well you need to do in order to get the grade you want.

Click Here: IELTS course test scores

How does IELTS score my writing and speaking test?

For the speaking and listening test, it isn’t as simple as answering questions and adding up your total score. We have found a pretty good site that sums up just some of the aspects you will need to think about when studying IELTS writing and listening sections.

Check out this site: IELTS Writing and Listening Scores Explained

This is just a taste of what is to come in our blog and articles section. Take a good look around because there is something for everyone.