Silom Road is one of the most prestigious areas of Bangkok and makes up for one of the several Central Business Districts in the city

Finding your IELTS course centre or even getting there can on occasion be baffling. Here are some simple directions to help you plan our journey.

Find our English Learning Centre on Google Maps.

Insight Silom is located on Silom Road in CP Tower. The school is easily accessible by Sky train and MRT. Should you drive there is parking in CP Tower.

Call Insight Silom:
02 638 3311

How do I get to Silom Road to Study IELTS by BTS?

Getting to Silom Road is easy. If you are near public transport in your home area. Sala Deng BTS station is just a stone throw away from Insight. The BTS is otherwise known as the Sky Train due its convenient concrete pylons that raise the track about 20 meters above the roads below.

Those that do travel by the BTS get a different perspective of Bangkok from above rather than being in the middle of hustle and bustle of the roads and crowds below. However, be warned because rush hour on the BTS can become a bit of a bun fight at times!

If I want to study an IELTS course in Silom Road, can I take the MRT?

What’s great about modern day Bangkok is the fact that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to public transport coming into the CBD. The MRT is one of the quickest and most convenient routes into Silom. You’ll need to get off at Silom Road MRT station, which is by and large connected to the BRT station via a sky walk.

What is the Sky Walk?

The Sky Walk is a raised walking platform that is around 150 meters length. You don’t need to walk on the roads when you first arrive at Silom Road MRT. Instead, all you need to do is walk a bit along the sky walk and once you arrive at the BTS you will need to walk down the steps to the left.

Bear in mind there are two sets of steps. The steps you need to find Insight will directly in front of you on the left. So you should in fact still be heading in the same direction as you are walking from MRT.

How do I find my IELTS course centre with Insight?

If you are coming by MRT then use the aforementioned sky walk. Once you arrive at the BTS and walk down the steps you will need to just keep on walking straight for about 150 meters until you see some steps and a McDonalds. This is the building you will find Insight and the IELTS testing centre.

If you have any problems, visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page, and we’ll do our best to help answer any questions you may have regarding how to get to our English Scholl in Silom or about any of our English language courses.

Is studying IELTS in Silom fun?

For some studying is not always at the top of their list when it comes to the word fun. However, studying IELTS at Insight is always fun. Firstly, our IELTS teachers are great fun because they don’t just teach. They actually want to get to know you and share their life experiences with you and give you quality advice on how you plan to proceed with your career.

Secondly, the area itself is a hip, hick and happening place to be. A Central Shopping Mall is located next to the BTS, and there is another Central further up the road. If you like coffee, then you are in the right place because Au Bon Pain and Starbucks are all very close. For more information on what is like to study IELTS in Silom, check out our blog titled ‘Study IELTS in a Hip and Chic Location’.