The TOEIC exam has helped millions of second language English speakers improve their job prospects and gain a higher salary – taking control of your future is the wisest investment you’ll ever make!

TOEIC is an abbreviation for Test Of English for International Communication. Amongst English language exams, it is the one that is used most extensively to test people that want a job in the business/office environment. From all over the world, four million business professionals take this exam with each passing year. The test covers specific and targeted vocabulary as well as grammar situations to measure your ability to use English everyday business situations.

Which topics can I expect the TOEIC test to cover?

Topics such as budget and finance, business travel, corporate development, health, IT, manufacturing, offices, personnel, purchasing and technical matters. These are crucial topics to learn and cover a diverse range of industries.

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Measuring your ability in a business environment

The TOEIC test is well recognized by an increasingly large number of international companies. They believe that this exam objectively indicates whether or not an individual is proficient in business English. You should bear in mind that much of the vocabulary you have studied while learning English in Thailand is not always included by the TOEIC.

Should I take the TOEIC test if I already work in an English speaking company?

Reading, writing, listening and speaking tests are not based on every day conversation and situations, and rather the test is based more about office and formal environments. For those of you that already work within an English speaking business environment, studying TOEIC will improve your English considerably.

Can I pass TOEIC if I do not have any business expereince?

If you wish to gain a high TOEIC test score, but you do not have any business expereince, don’t worry. You just need to work a little bit harder than those that do.

You can offer free work to gain work experience in an English speaking environment. At the same time studying for your TOEIC will give you the best chance to gain a high score when you decide to take the test.

Using the right materials to pass your TOEIC test

Getting the right materials, methods and resources means making sure you buy and/or download the most up-to-date TOEIC guides and materials. Use these materials to create an environment that allows consistent and regular exposure to English language in business situations.

For the most up-to-date information on TOEIC tests, please check out the TOIEC webpage for Thailand directly.

TV, YouTube, Mobile News Apps & more ways to learn business English

Exposing yours ears and eyes to English as much as possible will help you considerably improve your chances of passing the test.

Watching and listening to TV shows
Watching television on BBC, CNN or SkyNews
Reading newspaper articles and novels in English
Writing emails – blogging in English

Interactive media is one of the best ways to learn English

Scientific education studies hasve proven that when you are learning a second language the best practise is to use interactive media.

YouTube videos, Engish learning websites with audio, interactive English DVDs and TV shows. TV and DVD learning is fine, but it should not be your only resource.

Where you can find useful TOEIC practise tests

A wide range of TOEIC learning tools like discussion groups, forums and newsletters are provided all over the Internet. This is one of the best places to find TOEIC materials. There have been 684 tests developed for this exam, all of them unique.

The best course of action is to begin learning new English grammar structures, expressions, idioms and new phrases with each passing day with the help of a reputable test package.

You could also book a 10 lesson crash course with an Insight TOEIC business specialists.

Learning TOEIC with Insight in Thailand

At Insight, our TOEIC lessons have been designed to give our students real life business situations. Use our office to see how a business operates. Ask questions about the office and other offices nearby. Review business documents and make business deals over the telephone in mock meeting set-ups.

The best thing about our TOEIC course is that it is actually a lot of fun and gives our students a competitive advantage when it comes to career progression.

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