Thailand is now attracting many foreign workers and tourists. This gives you a great chance to practise your English for free by finding the right places to meet and greet with foreigners

The Best Places to Meet Foreigners

Stopping foreigners in shopping centres or on the street is not what we have in mind; actually on the contrary. There are in fact many places in Bangkok where if you can pluck up your courage and approach foreigners, you can start to improve your English and this is all totally for free.

  • Parks are always a great place to talk with foreigners
  • In coffee shops
  • At the arcade games
  • On the BTS or MRT
  • Bars and Pubs – (If you are over 18)

Approaching foreigners at the right time

To learn English is not easy if you do not regularly speak with foreigners. The best way to do this is to find a good place that is relaxing. In general, foreigners that are sitting down relaxing are the best people to approach for a quick talk.

Approaching Foreigners to Practise Speaking English

Most foreigners may seem scary! Why would they want to speak to a stranger? Actually, many foreigners on holiday appreciate it when someone tries to talk to them. The trick here is to approach them in the correct situation.

Lumpini Park is an ideal place to meet foreigners for a quick chat

Lumpini Park is a great place to go. Insight is actually just a few steps away from Lumpini as our main English School in Silom is within walking distance of the park. At the park many foreigners are relaxing on the benches and on the grassy banks next to the lakes. They just having fun and appreciating the inner city forest and wildlife escape of the park.

Starting a Conversation with a Foreigner

The best way to start a conversation with a foreigner is to ask a polite question.

Here are some conversation questions that you can practise.

Excuse me, I was just wondering. Where are you from?

Do you like Thailand?

Where have you visited in Thailand?

Do you like Thai food?

Hello, do you mind if I ask you some questions? I really want to practise my English.

Don’t be Afraid if you don’t know the answer to questions

The biggest fears when speaking to foreigners are understanding and following the conversation. Personally, I am a foreigner living in Thailand, and I try to speak Thai as much as I can. However, quite often I get stuck mid-way through a topic because the level of Thai becomes too complicated. When this happens, I just say – Katort Kap, Mai Kao Jai… Kor poot cha cha dai mai Kap? – It is something I must say often, but when I do ask a Thai to speak slowly, he/she is always very polite and helps me to understand – foreigners are also very understanding and so don’t be afraid to attempt to start a conversation.

Here are a few English phrases you can learn:

I’m very sorry, could you speak a little slower please?

Sorry, my listening is not so good. Could you say that again please?

I am really sorry. I am not familiar with this subject.

Create Your Own English Learning Project

You can always make up your own English project in order to build up your confidence. Try a survey that gives you a reason to approach foreigners.
Go to a location such as Lumpini Park and ask foreigners if they would be willing to spare a few moments of their time to assist you with an English project.

Some Questions to Ask:

What is your opinion of Bangkok?

Do you like Thailand?

What do you think about the traffic in Bangkok?

Do you like Lumpini Park? (Why?)

What is your favourite Thai dish?

Where is the most beautiful place you have visited in Thailand?

Asking fun and easy questions that you are comfortable with is the best way to begin building your confidence. This is also a very fun activity to do with friends. Furthermore, more benefits include proactively improving your English, the project is free in terms of cost, and you get to meet foreigners up close and personal without having to travel overseas.

Book an English Lesson With Our Teachers

If you would like to practise meeting foreigners, you can arrange a lesson with one of Insight’s foreign teachers. Our English teachers are trained to design a tailor made series of lessons that will improve your English and build your confidence when speaking English. Plus, when you learn with our English teachers, they’ll always give you plenty of useful tips to help you improve your English Language skills while outside the classroom.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding English learning courses, our language schools in Bangkok and Hua Hin, or for any other enquiries you may have.

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