Insight has the best Business English courses in Bangkok. Many of the large corporations in Bangkok have chosen Insight to instruct their employees because of our professional approach to a diverse range of business related situations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Give your company the right corporate and brand image

Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important. This is to ensure that our businesses give back to the society we operate in. Insight teachers are highly trained in helping businesses demonstrate to their employees how to correctly communicate their CSR activities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Increase sales by gaining more foreign customers and beat your competition in the process

Customer relationship management is an extremely important strategy used by many of our corporate English clients. With more and more of our clients now interacting with foreigners, it has become very important that employees understand the company’s foreign customers. In addition, it is equally imperative that employees correctly explain the company’s services to its foreign customers. Another advantageous side to our CRM courses is our instructors are trained to focus on training employees on the correct entry of customer data as well as correct pronunciation of names and places.

Questions such as:

  • Could you spell you first name please?
  • Could you spell you second name please?
  • I’m sorry could you repeat again please?
  • Please could you wait one moment and I will be right back.

Finally, our instructors also put employees through vigorous testing that can also be very fun. Here we create scenarios where foreigner customers will ask about the company’s services and the benefits of these services. The Insight corporate English instructor’s job is to ensure your employees communicate the services clearly, concisely without any confusion.

This course alone boosts sales for our corporate clients as they start to notice the positive difference in the number of foreign customers interested in their services.

Corporate Culture

We help out corporate clients communicate with their foreign employees

Bangkok and Thailand as a whole is attracting an increasing number of foreign businesses to the country due to high GDP growth in the region. English is one language that is spoken by Europeans, South Americans, North Americans, Asians and Australasian’s despite many of the countries in these continents not using English as there first language, However, when citizens from different countries do interact, they usually speak in English. Insight incorporates foreign and Thai culture into its lessons, including the differences between these cultures.

The real benefit of this approach is so that Thais and foreigners can learn how they do business together. The advantage of this service then helps the overall corporate culture of the business as employees from all nationalities learn how to adjust and adapt to each other’s approaches to business.

The end result is a happier and harder working business environment creating a team that outsmarts and outshines its competitors because the company has invested in corporate culture training; something that is often overlooked by the competition.