There are quite a few foreigners that have fallen in love with the Land of Smiles and have decided to learn Thai in Thailand, but in order to achieve this goal you need a Thai ED VISA

About the Thai Education VISA

Whether or not you are living in Thailand, applying for a Thai Education VISA is actually not that much of a chore as long you do your research and talk to the right people. At Insight, based in Silom Road, we deal with Education VISA’s on a weekly basis. Thanks to our amicable relationship with the VISA issuing authorities, we have helped many of our students learning Thai on our Thai language courses, so we are armed with all the information you need.

Apply for an ED VISA with Insight in Thailand

What is the ED VISA?

It is basically an Immigrant ED VISA that allows you to study any subject with a licensed education body in Thailand.

Do I need a place of study in Thailand to obtain an Education VISA?

The answer to this question is quite simply; yes you do! Whether you are coming here to study Thai, Buddhism, sea life, diving or in a school or university, you are required to have a VISA that states your reason for your extended stay in the Kingdom.

Can I apply if I am already in Thailand?

Depending on who you are dealing with, there is usually no problems with changing your existing VISA into a Thai Education VISA. You will need a letter of acceptance from the institute you plan to study with that confirms you have either paid the fees or intend to pay the fees to study. If you plan to study Thai language in Silom with Insight, then you can contact us directly on 02 638 3311/3 or email us at

What happens if I want to apply from my own country?

If you are not yet in Thailand, then you can contact the institute you wish to study with and ask how to get an Education VISA in Thailand. They should be able to provide you with relevant information according to your nationality.

How long is the Education VISA valid?

Right now the laws in Thailand are changing in Thailand. Some say that the 12 month version may no longer be issued. Right now though, there seems to be no problem with getting a VISA, especially if your intentions to learn in the Kingdom are valid. Sometimes you may be issued a standard 3 month VISA and then this will need to be extended to a 12 month VISA.

Showing progress when studying Thai

With the news laws targeting the VISA system the Thai government is ensuring that all VISAs are properly issued. The the applicant’s intentions to stay in the Kingdom for an extended amount of time must be a reasonable request. As such, there have been tests coming into force to ensure that people attending Thai language courses are in fact learning Thai, and not just applying for an extension so they can stay in the country for longer.

For more information on how to get an ED VISA in Thailand, visit the section of our website that says ‘language we teach’ or you can click here.