Achieve the IELTS score you need with a skill specific course from Insight. Choose a course that teaches all of the IELTS skills or choose to study one specific area of the test

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    Focus on the 4 IELTS skills

    Listening (all question types)

    The Listening Test has 4 sections. Each section contains 10 questions. The test lasts about 30 minutes, you then have an extra 10 minutes to write your answers on an answer sheet.

    To improve your listening score come to Insight to hear different native speaker accents, learn the tips and tricks to get a high score and be able to answer the questions after listening to the recording only once.

    Reading (all question types)

    There are 3 sections in the Reading Test. Each section has 13 or 14 questions, 40 questions in total. The test lasts 60 minutes and you must write your answers on an answer sheet.

    To improve your reading score come to Insight to learn new vocabulary, learn the tips and techniques to help you answer the questions and be able to complete all 40 questions in the allocated time.

    Writing (all question types)

    There are 2 parts to the Writing Test, and you have a total of 60 minutes to complete them.

    You should spend 20 minutes on IELTS Writing Task 1. You must write 150 words or more. You will have to describe a graph, chart, table, diagram or map.

    In IELTS Writing Task 2, you have to write 250 words. You should spend 40 minutes on this task. Writing Task 2 is worth more marks than Task 1, so you need to do it well. You have to write an essay discussing a topic.

    To improve your writing score come to Insight to be able to complete both tasks in the allocated time, know how to structure your essays, build on your existing ideas to fulfil the examiner’s marking criteria and know how to write complex paragraphs with excellent grammatical structures.

    Speaking (all question types)

    The test lasts between 10 and 17 minutes. You will be interviewed by an examiner who will record your conversation. There are 3 parts to the speaking test:

    • Part 1 – Introduction/Interview
    • Part 2 – Short presentation
    • Part 3 – Discussion

    To improve your speaking score come to Insight to improve your fluency, grammatical structures, vocabulary and timing.

    The process is simple:

    1. Call 02 638 3311 to discuss your needs and make an appointment for a free speaking test and a free demonstration class
    2. Course and material recommendation after your test
    3. Mock IELTS test (Optional)
    4. Course start
    5. IELTS success

    Our native English speaking instructors have years of experience teaching IELTS and provide the guidance, tips and techniques you need to achieve IELTS success.

    We have private and small group classes, the choice is yours. A private class allows us to focus on your individual needs and we can tailor a course to ensure you get the score you need.

    Call 02 638 3311 to see how we can help you and book a free trial lesson or send an email to info@insightenglish.com for more information.