Insight Young Learner Classes

    Young learner classes with Insight give your children the chance to learn English with a native speaker.  Our classes are fun and encourage your children to use English to communicate from day one.

    Classes are divided into appropriate age groups so that your child learns with children of his/her own age and fun topics keep everyone interested in learning.

    We use a range of activities throughout each class:

    • Songs & Chants
    • Movement & Games
    • Art & Craft
    • Storytelling
    • Phonics

    Each class has a combination of the activities above to maintain motivation and to meet the learning style of different students.

    Watch a young learner class here:

    As your child gets older, we adapt the classes to meet their changing age and personality.  We place an emphasis on everyday English which includes role-play and listening practice.  Grammar is taught at this stage in a way that allows a student to practice using the correct structure, rather than explaining the rules.

    Topics include:

    • Introductions
    • Family
    • Directions
    • Likes/dislikes
    • Routine
    • Food
    • Events in your life
    • Future plans

    Our courses help your children improve their speaking

    and overall comprehension. This in turn helps their school grades and gives them the best possible chance of achieving success in English.

    Insight - Young learning classes

    Insight - Young learning classes

    Insight - Young learning classes

    Insight - Young learning classes