English Language Courses

** Up to 50% DISCOUNT on all school, college or university lessons

** Up to 40% DISCOUNT on corporate training

As English at work is becoming increasingly important and it is generally accepted that employees with superior English skills will benefit from higher salaries and more promotion opportunities. The Thai government has now realised that live instruction is the best way to learn to speak English with confidence, we are offering massive discounts of up to 50% on our English programmes.

English is used everywhere these days, from television to music and work. Being able to understand and interact with foreigners is a skill that can have huge benefits.

To find out how we can help, simply call 032 470 681 or email info@insightenglish.com


Study English in a learning environment designed to maximise your participation and give you the confidence to use English in real-life situations. Our professional and experienced native-English speaking teachers are trained to deliver customised English courses that are tailored to your English language goals and needs.

Our extensive range of adult courses give you the opportunity to study a program that is designed to meet your needs: