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Achieve the IELTS score you need with a skill specific course taught by a native IELTS Examiner. Choose a course that teaches all the IELTS skills or choose to study one specific area of the test.




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FREE IELTS assessment in Silom with an Insight IELTS Expert. An Insight IELTS Examiner will:

Assess your IELTS speaking, writing, reading and listening skills
Recommend a tailor-made course suitable for you

FREE mock IELTS exam to practice real tests before you take your exam. An Insight IELTS Examiner will:

Mark and evaluate your skills
Give recommendations and suggest improvements

FREE appointment at the Insight IELTS Clinic. An Insight IELTS Examiner will:

Evaluate your Task 1 and Task 2 writing
Give you IELTS reading and IELTS listening tips and techniques
Give you a mock speaking exam to ensure you are on track to achieve the score you need

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    Focus on the 4 IELTS skills with an Insight IELTS Examiner:

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    Achieve the listening score you need by learning the techniques to get a high score and be able to answer all the questions after listening to the recording only once.

    Listen to a variety of our native IELTS Examiner accents to ensure you understand all accents in IELTS Listening section.

    Be able to anticipate answers for the questions before hearing the answers, through learning techniques with an Insight IELTS Examiner.

    Ensure you can hear the ‘s’ sound on the end of answers to make sure you achieve the score you require.

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    Achieve the reading score you need by learning new vocabulary, learning the techniques to help you answer all question types and being able to complete all 40 questions in the allocated time.

    Insight’s IELTS Experts can give you the techniques needed to ensure you can answer all 14 types of questions you might experience in the IELTS Reading section.

    Ensure you can answer all 40 questions in the allocated time by studying time management skills with an Insight IELTS Examiner.


    Achieve the writing score you need by knowing how to structure your essays, developing and supporting your ideas to fulfil the examiners marking criteria and knowing how to write complex paragraphs with excellent grammatical structures.

    Insight’s IELTS Examiners can teach you how to structure both Task 1 and Task 2 essays. Ensure you cover all the set marking criteria giving you the ability to achieve the IELTS result you need.

    Learn how to develop and support your ideas with an Insight IELTS Expert to build a well-rounded essay with clear progression throughout and the ability to meet the minimum word count easily.

    Improve your grammar and vocabulary by studying with an Insight IELTS Expert, leading to complex sentences and paragraphs.


    Achieve the speaking score you need by improving your fluency, grammatical structures, vocabulary and timing through practise with one of our native Insight IELTS Experts.

    Study with a native IELTS Examiner to learn the techniques and vocabulary needed to achieve a high IELTS speaking score.

    Improve your fluency and timings through regular mock IELTS speaking tests with an Insight IELTS Expert.

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