Landing IELTS Special


ONLY 800 THB/Period

  • Free IELTS assessment with an Insight IELTS Expert
  • Free appointment at the Insight IELTS Clinic to improve your overall IELTS score
  • Free mock IELTS exam

Get the IELTS Score You Need

    Achieve the IELTS score you need with a skill specific course taught by a native IELTS Examiner.

    Choose a course that teaches all the IELTS skills or choose to study one specific area of the test.



    IELTS Examiners


    Professional, experienced native speaking Instructors


    Flexible study schedule


    Tailor-made courses to suit your needs


    Private, semi-private and group classes available


    Competitive prices


    Up to date interactive materials


    Modern study environment


    Convenient school location in heart of Silom, Bangkok next to BTS and MRT


    Free car parking available



    • Learn the techniques and tricks to get a high listening score
    • Answer all the questions after listening only once
    • Understand a variety of native English accents
    • Anticipate answers before hearing the questions


    • Learn the techniques and tricks to get a high reading score
    • Complete all the questions in the allocated time
    • Answer all 14 types of reading questions you might experience correctly
    • Learn time management to ensure you get the score you need


    • Learn the techniques and tricks to get a high writing sore
    • Understand how to structure your essays
    • Be able to support your ideas fully and know how to write complex paragraphs with excellent grammatical structures
    • Build your vocabulary to ensure you get the score you need


    • Learn the techniques and tricks to get a high speaking score
    • Improve your spoken English fluency
    • Expand your vocabulary to a high standard
    • Develop your grammatical structures to ensure you get the score you need

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    Customer Feedback


    Nong Som

    last year
    Great school. Fun, engaging lessons with experienced Teachers.


    Khun Joe

    last year
    Our kids love the school and look forward to attending class every weekend.  All staff and teachers are very friendly.


    Khun Apple

    last year
    The school is amazing! My classes are always fun and interesting. The teachers plan each lesson to suit my individual needs.


    Khun Mae

    5 months ago
    I studied IELTS at Insight and got the score I needed to study abroad.  All the teachers are IELTS experts and helped me in every part of the IELTS exam.


    Khun Taeng Mo

    4 months ago
    My TOEFL course was great.  I improved my TOEFL exam score in a very short time with the help of Insight


    Khun Mee

    4 months ago
    I study business English at Insight and have developed my English and my career due to the guidance and help from the Insight teachers.


    Khun Lek

    4 months ago
    My email writing skills improved greatly when studying at Insight.  I can now write professional emails quickly and accurately.


    Khun Mot

    4 months ago
    The staff are very helpful and the class schedule is very flexible which allowed me to fit classes around my day to day work.


    Khun Bpoo

    4 months ago
    I was nervous about studying online but Insight made the process so easy and I was able to improve my English without leaving my home.


    Khun Nok

    4 months ago
    Perfectly located school in the centre of Bangkok with easy access by BTS and MRT. The teachers and staff were always happy and all my classes were fun.
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