Education VISA

A Thai or English education visa with Insight gives you the chance to learn a new language and stay in Thailand without having to worry about your visa status. The process is straightforward and we provide support and help throughout the visa application.

Simply call Insight Bangkok on 02 638 3311-3 for more information on how we can help or email:

How much does a Thai education visa cost?

• You are able to apply for a 6 month education visa. This visa can be extended after the first 6 months. The cost for the 6 month Thai education visa starts at 12,500 Baht.

• There is an additional fee of 1,900 Baht every 90 days. This is paid directly to the immigration department and is for your visa extension.

Documents required for visa application

• 10 recent passport size photos (3cm x 4cm) • Your original passport. We will photocopy it for you. We are required to show your actual passport to the MOE on the day we submit the application. • 15,000 baht tuition fee

How long does it take to get the visa?

• We apply for a letter from the Ministry of Education requesting a one year ED visa for you. This process takes approximately 21 days. Once the letter has been issued, you will need to go to a Thai embassy outside Thailand to get a one year non-immigrant ED visa. You can go to Malaysia, Laos or Singapore. After you receive your visa and come back to Thailand we apply for a second letter from the MOE which certifies your enrollment. This letter allows you to make 90 day extensions at the immigration office for the duration of your education visa course. You do not have to leave T

Who has to apply for the ED Visa in their countries?

• Students from the following countries will be required to get the visa from their countries: China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Middle Eastern countries and Nigeria.

What will I learn during my course?

We focus on communicative Thai that teaches you how to use Thai in everyday situations. Topics covered include:

  • How to greet and Introduce yourself
  • How to talk about yourself and family
  • How to talk about where you are from
  • How to use numbers
  • How to describe what you do where you work
  • How to describe your belongings
  • How to make requests
  • How to order food & drink
  • How to talk about likes & dislikes
  • How to ask for directions

A reading and writing component is included in your course with the sounds of the letters taught. This process begins from the start of the course and is very gradual. Our main focus is on giving you the ability to communicate with Thai people in everyday situations. Simply call Insight Bangkok on02 638 3311-3 for more information on how we can help or email:

Thai Course Packages Non ED Visa

Everyday Thai Conversation Course

1. Private Instruction 45 Periods (30 Hours) Weekday Daytime 26,775 baht Weekday Evening & Weekends 30,375 baht 2. Semi Private Instruction 45 Periods (30 Hours) (2-3 Students per Group) Weekday Daytime 15,750 baht Weekday Evening & Weekends 18,900 baht 3. Group Instruction 45 Periods (30 Hours) (4-8 Students per Group) Weekday Daytime 9,000 baht Weekday Evening & Weekends


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