General Business Communication:

    A general business course focuses on all of the core business skills you need to function in your office. Whatever your current level of English we believe that you can learn English for business.

    Our functional courses look at the following topics:

    • Business introductions
    • Talking about numbers and charts
    • Meeting clients
    • Making an appointment
    • Telephone skills
    • Present a product
    • Talking about your role and responsibilities
    • Business travel
    • Business entertainment

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    Negotiating in English is a skill that requires accuracy and confidence. Whether you need to negotiate a business contract, higher salary or simply make a purchase from the market we have a course for you.

    We give you the language you need for successful business negotiation. We look at a number of topics that include:

    • Talking about prices
    • Making an offer
    • Offering concessions
    • Agreeing next steps
    • Clarifying individual points
    • Agreeing on dates and payment terms
    • Writing a follow up email

    A course at Insight can be tailor made to fit your own unique situation. Simply call your local branch to set up a consultation, free assessment and demonstration lesson.


    Attending a meeting that is not in your first language can be a stressful experience. A meetings course with Insight builds the skills you need to be an effective participant or leader in a business meeting.

    We have a range of topics that help develop your language use and confidence:

    • Introducing yourself
    • Opening a meeting
    • Language for agreeing/disagreeing
    • Taking meeting minutes
    • Confirming and summarizing information
    • Asking questions
    • Clarifying information

    We can tailor a course to meet your individual needs and give you the language needed to make an impact. Simply call your local branch to set up a consultation, free assessment and demonstration lesson.


    Standing up in front of a group of colleagues, clients or senior management and giving a presentation can be a stressful experience even for the most experienced people. Our business presentation course takes the stress out of presentations and gives you the language and structure you need to make your business presentation successful.

    We understand that everyone has unique needs and can tailor a course to meet your specific requirements. A free needs analysis and assessment helps us determine the type of presentation you need help with and a course can be designed for you.

    We can help you with the following types of presentation and topics:

    • Formal/informal presentations
    • Opening a presentation
    • Transitioning through different parts of a presentation
    • Presenting graphs and numbers
    • Optimizing your power point slides
    • Dealing with questions
    • Closing a presentation

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    A successful interview can literally be life changing. A course with Insight prepares you for your next interview and allows you to practice the questions and situations that you are likely to face.

    Whether you are having an interview for your first job, a more senior position or a university place we have the course for you.
    Our needs analysis looks at the type of interview you are attending and then prepares you for the questions you will face.

    Topics covered include:

    • Preparing to go to the interview
    • How to introduce yourself
    • How to talk about prior experience
    • How to talk about your achievements
    • How to ask questions

    We can also provide help and guidance with your resume and cover letter.

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