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    At Insight we offer a variety of ways to learn English. Our tailor-made general English courses have been designed to cover English learners of all ages and abilities because at Insight we understand that everyone has their own requirements.

    A general English course with Insight builds your language ability step by step. We focus on teaching language that you can use from the first day of your course with easy to understand topics, and instructors that are patient and give you the time you need to learn a new language and develop your English language skills.

    We offer five different levels of general English courses focusing on a variety of topics, taught using diverse and engaging methods to ensure all learners are successful and reach their English language goals.

    Contact Insight now to arrange a free assessment and free demonstration lesson to start your general English language course in Bangkok or Hua Hin.  Discuss your English language needs with a Thai member of staff before completing your free general English course assessment with one of our native speaking instructors.  Once complete, you will be assigned one of the following six levels:

    General English Course for Beginner Level

    A beginner’s general English language course with Insight combines practical, real life content for today’s students with flexible digital resources that include topics such as introductions, numbers and basic grammar, ensuring students are engaged and motivated for success.

    General English Course for Elementary Level

    An elementary general English course with Insight will give you the confidence needed to take the initial steps in your English language journey.  Learn practical, real life English that is relevant to your life with topics and themes such as food & drink, describing places and simple grammar all grounded in today’s reality.

    General English Course for Pre-Intermediate Level

    A pre-intermediate general English language course with Insight will build on your existing English language skills to allow you to communicate in a variety of English language situations and environments.  Enhance your knowledge through topics and activities such as small talk, giving opinions and more complex grammar which are relevant and useful to today’s students.

    General English Course for Intermediate Level

    An intermediate general English course with Insight will take your English language skills to a higher level by developing your current English language knowledge and improving your fluency, vocabulary and understanding of more complex English grammar.  Through topics such as idioms, conditionals and complex grammatical structures you will be able to flourish in both professional and social English language environments.

    General English Course for Upper-Intermediate Level

    An upper-intermediate general English language course with Insight will ensure you can interact with a high degree of fluency on a variety of complex subjects, understand tone and intonation and express yourself fluently and spontaneously.  Building on your knowledge of the nuance’s of the English language while also touching on business English topics will allow you to master the English language in any context.

    General English Course for Advanced Level

    An advanced general English course with Insight will allow you to understand with ease all English communication.  Express yourself clearly and accurately, differentiating finer shades of meaning in the most complex English language situations.  Natural English expressions, understanding intricate synonyms and getting the tone correct are all touched on to bring your English language skills to the highest level.

    All Insight’s general English language courses in Bangkok and Hua Hin focus on engaging activity-based lessons using role plays, discussion, reacting to opinions, planning and negotiating, exchanging information and sharing experiences.  Engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences.

    Teaching Methodology for a General English Class

    A typical general English class at Insight will be structured in the following way:

    1. General conversation & past tense

    Each class is started with a past tense speaking exercise to ensure students can function using this tense.  The activity will increase in difficulty as the course progresses.

    1. Review of new vocabulary from previous class

    Students review all new vocabulary which was taught in the previous class.

    1. Review of structures as a speaking exercise

    A review of any new grammatical structures taught in the previous class will follow the review of new vocabulary.  This will be done as a speaking exercise, encouraging students to speak as much as possible.

    1. Homework check

    Any homework assigned will be checked by the teacher, together with the student, to ensure understanding and correct any misunderstandings.

    1. New material

    The teacher will introduce new material and teach new topics which the student has not yet covered.  This will be done as a speaking exercise following a method of ‘Presentation’, ‘Practice’ and ‘Production’.

    The first stage is the presentation of an aspect of language in a context that students are familiar with, ensuring the students are comfortable with any new grammar or vocabulary taught before moving onto the next stage.

    The second stage is practice, where students will be given a speaking activity that gives them plenty of opportunities to practice the new aspect of language and become familiar with it whilst receiving appropriate assistance from the teacher.

    The final stage is production where the students will use the language in context, in a speaking activity set up by the teacher who will give minimal assistance allowing the student to produce the language themselves.

    If required, students can work together with the teacher through activities to reinforce what has just been taught.

    1. Lesson Review

    A short review of the lesson will then commence to ensure the student has full understanding of the topic taught.

    1. Future Tense

    As a natural end to the lesson, the student will practice a short speaking activity based around future tense.

    All general English classes at Insight focus on maximising student speaking time.  We ensure the students talk as much as possible in class.  This allows them to build grammatical accuracy, fluency and confidence in a variety of English situations.  We focus on their needs and support them through their learning journey, in order to allow them to develop naturally into high-level general English users.

    General English Language Course Materials

    To enhance the general English course learning process, Insight integrates a variety of interactive materials to ensure the balanced methodology of vocabulary, grammar and integrated skills provides the right level of challenge for all students, no matter what level they are.

    Insight’s general English language course materials are up to date, modern and relevant in today’s society ensuring fun, engaging lessons.  Coupled with experience native English teachers from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Canada we guarantee you will develop in a wide variety of English situations.  Our native speaking instructors have years of experience teaching general English courses and provide the guidance, support, tips and techniques you need to achieve general English success.

    Why Should You Study General English at Insight
    • Tailor-made general English courses to meet your needs
    • General English language courses to suit all levels of English
    • Private, Semi-private and small group general English courses available
    • Competitive prices to meet your general English course budget
    • Classes available at a time and day chosen by you
    • Flexibility to change your general English language course study schedule, to ensure you can meet your other commitments
    • Fully qualified, patient general English teachers
    • Professional, experienced general English Instructors
    • All general English Instructors are native speakers from the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Canada and more
    • Up to date interactive materials
    • Modern study environment in the center of Bangkok
    • Convenient school location, only steps from the BTS and MRT
    • Ample in-school car parking available

    The Steps To general English Language Course Success

    The process is simple:

    1. Call 02 638 3311 (Silom, Bangkok), 02 157 2808 (Lad Prao, Bangkok) or 032 471 681 (Hua Hin) to discuss your needs and make an appointment for a free speaking test and a free demonstration class
    2. Get a general English course and material recommendation after your test
    3. Start your general English language course on days and times convenient for you
    4. General English language course success

    We have private and small group classes, the choice is yours. A private class allows us to focus on your individual needs and we can tailor a course to ensure you make the most progress.  A small group gives you more social English interaction and the chance to make new friends.