We offer a variety of ways to learn English. Our tailor-made English programs have been designed to cover English learners of all ages and abilities because at Insight we understand that everyone has their own requirements. You can use our ‘COURSES’ menu above to search all the English learning options or you can click on the links below to find a language course you for you.

    English for Beginners

    An English for Beginners course with Insight builds your language ability step by step. We focus on teaching language that you can use from the first day of your course with easy to understand topics, and teachers that are patient and give you the time you need to learn a new language.

    Choose to study in a small group or one on one. All of our teachers are native English speakers from the UK, Australia or The United States.

    Call 02 638 3311 now to book a free demonstration class and assessment.

    Our beginner courses look at the following topics:

    • Introductions
    • Numbers & time
    • Food & Drink
    • Basic grammar
    • Making requests
    • Talking about family
    • Directions

    English for Young Learners, Juniors & Teenagers http://www.insightenglish.com/courses/young-learners-4-years-12-years/

    Insight Language courses with Native English instructors. We have small group and private classes for you to choose from. Our courses are suitable for children as young as 4 years old.

    English for Young-Learners

    This course is designed for young-learners aged 3-6 years old. It is a fresh and fun three-level topic based introduction to English for kindergarten children and uses our proven classroom activities, games, songs and materials. The course aims to build a strong vocabulary and phonetic foundation in preparation for primary level.

    English for Juniors

    Our Juniors course is aimed at Prathom students aged 7-11 years old. The focus of this level is to improve the children’s’ communication skills and fluency, through role-plays and games. This is to develop a positive attitude to English and associate language learning with fun. The seven Juniors levels continue to expand the students reading abilities to improve their primary school education.

    English for Teens

    This course is suitable for Mattayom students. This course promotes using English in the real world, for communication, exams and reading comprehension skills. Improve your speaking fluency and pronunciation by practicing language through communicative tasks in a wide range of situations. Learn the vocabulary you need to help you communicate effectively in a range of situations. Get prepared for the challenges of university education.

    General English Courses

    This general conversation class for adults has elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. Each unit is based on a different topic and theme, ranging across different time frames (past, present and future). Activity types are role play, discussion, reacting to opinions, planning and negotiating, exchanging information and sharing experiences. At this level we also teach how to use different tones (fun, business-like, factual etc.).

    Business English Courses

    Whether you need a short course to improve basic telephony, email, presentation or negotiation skills, a longer-term course to work on your Business’s English language needs, or even a general English course to help you socialise more confidently with English-speaking business partners, Insight has experienced Instructors and courses to match.

    English for Specific Purposes

    If you want to learn English in an industry or to speak English better to improve your career, then the best course is English for Specific Purposes.

    English for hotel staff, Airline Business, Accounting, Call Centres/Telephone English, English for Medicine, Nursing English, English for Flight Attendants and more are available.

    Want to Learn IELTS?

    Achieve the IELTS band score you need with an IELTS preparation course. Whether you need an IELTS band score of 4.0 or 8.0 we can help you prepare. With IELTS trained teachers and examiners we can help you improve your IELTS writing, listening, reading and speaking. Call 02 638 3311 Now to arrange a free demonstration lesson and test.

    Come for a free assessment and needs analysis and see how Insight can help you develop the skills and confidence to succeed in English.