Thai Course

Thai courses are available at our Silom and Hua Hin branches.  We focus on communicative Thai that you can use outside of the classroom in everyday situations.  Topics include:

  • Meeting and greeting people
  • Directions around town
  • Ordering food
  • Making a purchase
  • Explaining a problem

If you are already a Thai speaker, why not learn to read and write in Thai with simple lessons that make the process enjoyable.

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Our Courses

We offer the following programs

  • Introductions
  • Numbers & time
  • Daily routines
  • Places
  • Family
  • Directions
  • Shopping
  • Talking about feelings
  • Ordering food and drink
  • Telephone Thai

Business Class

We can tailor a course to meet the specific needs of your business and have courses available for:

  • Hotel Staff
  • Office worker

We can also prepare a course for requirements such as reading and writing and business use.

Our Thai courses are available at all of our Thai branches.
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